FNMRFalse Non-Match Rate (biometrics)
FNMRFédération Nationale des Médecins Radiologues
FNMRFarnell Newton Marcus Reynolds Quintet (jazz)
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Genuine matching: Each fingerprint in the database is matched against the remaining samples of the same fingerprint to compute the FNMR (also referred as False Rejection Rate - FRR).
When MR is nearby the access link of FNMR, then it will make a decision to bind with FNMR using the Physical Interface 2 (PI 2), though it is still connected with FCMR by PI 1.
The evaluation protocols of FMR, FNMR [39], Receiver Operator Characteristic (ROC) curve [40], Expected Performance Curves (EPC) [41] Half Total Error Rate (HTER) [42] and d' [43] are used in this paper.
False nonmatch rate (FNMR) is the probability of the system not matching the input acoustic profile to a matching template in the database.
Partial band ratio (%) FMR (FNMR = 3.25%) EER (%) 0 2.77 3.01 10 2.02 2.2 20 1.35 1.92 30 0.79 1.68 40 0.42 1.4 50 0.22 1.4 60 0.44 1.72 70 0.61 1.94 80 1.25 2.07 90 2.04 2.22 100 2.63 2.48 TABLE 2: Hardware capacity by matching method.
In Table 5, if TAR is replaced by FNMR, the CVs of SE for Algorithms A1 and A2 remain the same; but the CVs of lower bound and upper bound of 95 % CI were 0.003152 and 0.002687 for A1, and 0.001595 and 0.001196 for A2, respectively.
Table 5--Phase 1 Samples Crosslinker (% Active) 1K Carbodiimide Aziridine Testing U/A Hybrid * 3% and 6% 3% Chemical resistance SXL Urethane * 3% and 6% 3% BHMR & FNMR U+A Blend * 3% and 6% 3%
Other issues Draude plans to address as FNMR minister is establishing mandatory treaty education in schools, working to support creation of a keeping house for First Nation sacred and ceremonial artifacts, and pushing the federal government to create a First Nation cultural centre, and a map that clarifies the location of traditional First Nation territories across the province.
Recent tests conducted by the Department of Homeland Security and the National Institute for Standards and Technology reveal that when used for verification, fingerprint scanning systems have false nonmatch rate (FNMR) between 0.3% and 0.7% using two fingers and false match rates (FMR) as low as 0.001%, meaning that only one individual in 100,000 is wrongly identified (Krim 2004; Wilson, Garris, and Watson 2004).
The application of the proposed system on FVC2002-DB1 and DB2 databases achieved a false non-match rate (FNMR) of 16.2% and 12.6% respectively.
Occasionally known as False Nonmatch Rate (FNMR) [19] or type 1 error [9].