FNOKFundacja Nowa Orkiestra Kameralna (Polish: New Chamber Orchestra Foundation; Warsaw, Poland)
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the FNOK formalism [6], [13] is used to transform the sentences.
Each sentence is translated into DNOK and FNOK forms separately.
In order to prepare the sentences from the fable to be entered into the relational database, they need to be represented in a formalized FNOK form.
This paper presents the application of the conceptual framework NOK and DNOK formalism, which is used to present the sentences graphically in the form of a diagram, and FNOK formalism, where the sentences are presented in a formalized form.
One of the things that FNOK has been working on is to make sure that there aren't two tracks within its organization: Those that do lean and Six Sigma and those who do the actual work.
He visited an FNOK supplier that he describes as being "one-twentieth our size." FNOK is on track for $1.5-billion sales in '05.
As good as the organization is, in December '04 it was necessary to send the company's executive in charge of its lean program (GROWTTH--Get Rid Of Waste Through Team Harmony) to an FNOK plant (one, Sohi says, came with an acquisition) for a month to work with the people on improving its quality and productivity.
When I say to Sohi that the FNOK approach--the training for customers and suppliers, the continual benchmarking, the persistent pursuit of operational and product improvements--seems remarkably different than the reactions of the executives of some supplier and OEM firms who decry the situation characterized by people wanting more and better for less sooner (be they end customers or somewhere along the supply chain), Sohi responds, matter-of-factly, "These are the realities.