FNPOFirst Nations Property Ownership (Canada)
FNPOFederation of National Postal Organisations (India)
FNPOFollicle Number per Ovary
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(19,20) Similarly, AMH level correlated significantly with age, fasting insulin, BMI, FNPO and LH in our study.
A strong positive correlation between AMH levels, FNPO, LH levels and hyperandrogenism was detected in our study.
PCOM on ultrasound was defined as follows: the presence of [greater than or equal to]12 follicles (FNPO) in each ovary measuring 2-9 mm in diameter and/or increased OV (>10 [cm.sup.3]).
The total number of visible follicles (FNPO) measuring 2-3 mm in diameter was counted manually by continuous scanning of the entire ovary.
The outcome measures included FNPO, OV, ovarian stromal volume, mean grey value of the ovary, volumetric ovarian vascular indices including vascularization index (VI), flow index (FI), and vascularization flow index (VFI) and Doppler indices of the main ovarian stromal vessels.
By 2D trans-vaginal sonography, the mean OV was 13.70 [+ or -]5.89 [cm.sup.3] and 5.06[+ or -]2.44 [cm.sup.3]; FNPO was 19.18[+ or -] 6.89 and 7.13=1=3.51, in PCOS and controls, respectively.
The ultrasound cut-offs were based on Jonard's study of 214 PCOS women and 112 normal controls (4), and they reported FNPO of [greater than or equal to]12 which offered the best compromise between specificity (99%) and sensitivity (75%).
Our study comparing PCOS women to controls, had a much lower threshold for FNPO (12) and for OV (6.15C [M.sup.3]).