FNPRUFloral and Nursery Plants Research Unit
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FNPRU scientists also help introduce new cultivars that can defend themselves against disease-causing pathogens.
This cooperation with industry informs much of what ARS scientists accomplish at FNPRU and at the more than 100 ARS laboratories across the country and abroad and provides researchers with an incentive to find solutions to difficult challenges.
Over the last 10 years, the FNPRU has been engaged in detecting, identifying, and characterizing several viruses affecting ornamental crops.
Following are some research programs that highlight the depth and breadth of FNPRU's activities.
Researchers at FNPRU have also developed a new technique to enable transformation of genetically diverse varieties of roses--the number-one cut flower in the United States.
The tree-breeding program at FNPRU has successfully bred red maples with both good fall color and leafhopper resistance; elms with tolerance to Dutch elm disease and elm yellows; superior alder and hackberry; and hemlock with wooly adelgid resistance.
Griesbach, with FNPRU, has been developing five new Ornithogalum hybrids.