FNPTFemale National Pipe Thread
FNPTFlight & Navigation Procedures Trainer
FNPTFédération Nationale des Planteurs de Tabac (French: National Federation of Tobacco Growers)
FNPTFirst Nations Poker Trail
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Precision Instrument Manifolds offers a 40-page brochure devoted to its line of products including miniature valves P1M Series; isolation/hand valves, bleeding gauge valves P1/A and P1B series; multi-port gauge valves P 1/C series; venting gauge valves P2/VGV series; remote mount manifolds, 2, 3, and 5 valve manifolds with FNPT inlet/ outlet; level manifolds P3L/T and P3L/HK; and transmitter manifolds, 2, 3 and 5 valve manifolds to connect to transmitters; manifolds for use in hard enclosures; MonoFlange/ ComboFlange Manifolds PF series; distribution manifolds--air and hydraulic; mounting brackets and accessories and other products.
Mixing elements consist of a series of polypropylene baffles and are mounted in a PVC housing with FNPT ends.
Standard valves MNPT inlet X FNPT outlet with optional female thread, socket weld, welding nipple and sanitary connections available.
End connections are FNPT, and the coils are DIN connectors with cord grip.
Mechtronix Systems Inc (MSI), a provider of flight training equipment, announced on Monday that its advanced full flight trainer, the FFT X, has successfully qualified for JAR FSTD A FTD Level 2A and FNPT II MCC, having been evaluated by the UK CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).
The valves are available in 1/2-4-inch top entry sizes, with socket weld, butt weld and FNPT ends.
Availability of top entry sizes through 4" with socket weld, butt weld and FNPT ends.
ESMA plans to deploy the units by the end of this year, while seeking qualification with the JAA under JAR-FSTD A FNPT II.