FNQFundação Nacional da Qualidade (Portuguese: National Quality Foundation; Brazil)
FNQFar North Queensland
FNQFamily Needs Questionnaire
FNQFairley Nasal Questionnaire
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Wet Tropics Aboriginal Plan Project Team 2005 Caring for Country and Culture--The Wet Tropics Aboriginal Cultural and Natural Resource Management Plan, Rainforest CRC and FNQ NRM Ltd, Cairns, <www.
FNQ NRM Ltd Indigenous Director, Troy Wyles-Whelan, said the plan identities new opportunities for stakeholders throughout the region to join Traditional Owners in taking care of the unique environment of the Wet Tropics.
The current study investigated the changes in family needs over time using Kreutzer's FNQ.
Details regarding any resource upgrade for the FNQ projects will be announced as soon as available.
In order to realize this idea, a group of like-minded business people will attend the launch for the FNQ Angels, a venture capital initiative.
Mr Michael Keong Aw: Experienced retailer and member of FNQ Football Board.
In FNQ where Mr Nicholls is today, he cut a whopping 61 nurses.
State Development Minister and Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Dr Anthony Lynham said the projectsin partnership with eight FNQ councilswould support 30 jobs and generate new business opportunities in these communities.
Allsafe FNQ, from the Atherton Tableland, secured almost $100,000 to help commercialise their innovative safety alarm for all terrain vehicles.
Minister Bailey said the successful contractors Koppens Developments Pty Ltd (Coen South project) and Robinson Civil Constructions FNQ Pty Ltd (Archer to Wolverton project) have been in discussions with businesses local to Cape York and training providers, and are eager to hit the ground running.
Minister Enoch said that ALLSAFE FNQ would receive nearly $100,000 of funding to help commercialise its ATV Angle Alarm an audible alarm which is activated when an ATV approaches its maximum tipping angle, giving the rider warning to be able to take preventative measures and avoid an accident.