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FNRForestry and Natural Resources (various universities)
FNRFonds National de la Recherche (French: National Fund for Research; Luxembourg)
FNRFachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe (German: Agency for Renewable Resources)
FNRFrais de Notaire Reduits (French; Reduced Notary Cost)
FNRFast Neutron Reactor
FNRFunk Night Records (record label)
FNRFile Name Record
FNRFerredoxin NADP+ Reductase
FNRFalse Negative Rate
FNRFor No Reason
FNRFind and Replace
FNRFord Nuclear Reactor
FNRFermetures Neuf et Rénovation (French renovation company)
FNRFuture Net Revenue
FNRFriday Night Ride
FNRFull Needle Rib (knitting)
FNRFlexible Numbering Register
FNRFixed Network Reconfiguration
FNRFrequency Normalization Response (RF tuner gain calibration technique)
FNRFinal Notice of Recommendation (education)
FNRFumarate Nitrate Reductase Regulation
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Naga Day is a paradigm shift from our perpetual mindset of clinging on and looking backwards," FNR convenor said.
The data from retrospective studies attempting SLNB in patients who converted to clinically node-negative after NACT showed unacceptably high FNRs.
En cuanto a los programas de cesacion, si bien han sido muy efectivos en aquellos centros de salud que firmaron convenios con el FNR (1), su cobertura ha sido relativamente baja.
2: Correlation matrix of variables in the model of customer satisfaction Satisfaction IA FNR Satisfaction 1 IA 0.
TPR = [absolute value of SMP)''MPS] / [absolute value of MPS]; FNR = [absolute value of SMP)"HPS] / [absolute value of HPS].
Performance measurement for stress detection Stress Optimal subset: (F1, F3, RMS, detectors Mean pitch, Maximum pitch, Shimmer, Jitter, PSD38) Dimension: 8 SDR (%) FPR (%) FNR (%) SVM 1 (C = 4.
I started with a yoga class called FNR which stands for flexibility not required.
En effet, grace au FNR (Fonds national de la recherche), l'Anvredet a finance la maturation des projets en question.
En referencia al porcentaje de EM con FNR (TIPO I) y EM con FR (TIPO III) no se encontraron diferencias estadisticas significativas (P > 0,05) entre las tres CsOs estudiadas.
The FNR 2014 team comprises 30 Students who will be participating in Formula Student Competition in UK from 9-13 July 2014.