FNRIFood and Nutrition Research Institute (Philippines)
FNRIFédération Nationale des Républicains et Indépendants (French: National Federation of Republicans and Independents)
FNRIFederation of Non-Resident Indians (India)
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According to the 8th National Nutrition Survey of the FNRI conducted up to April 2014, the regions with the highest number of underweight children aged 0-5 years were Mimaropa, Western Visayas and Bicol Region.
With all the health benefits of eating tomatoes, make it a habit to include in your daily meals tomatoes as appetizer or an ingredient in the dishes," FNRI said.
It is able to do this as it is associated with a compound known as paraoxonase, which is an enzyme that stops or reduces high-density lipoprotein [HDL] cholesterol oxidation and low-density lipoprotein [LDL] cholesterol,' the FNRI informs.
The bill also provides for the creation of a Child Feeding and Nutrition Committee (CFNC), chaired by the DepEd Secretary or a duly authorized representative, co-chaired by the DOH Secretary or a duly authorized representative, and with members composed of a representative each from the NNC, DA, DILG, DSWD, DTI, NEDA, FDA, FNRI, NDA, teachers organizations, and parent-teacher associations.
The FNRI technology has made IFR sparkling white, taste good, and smell good too.
Furthermore, the FNRI study concluded that consumption of up to one egg per day is unlikely to have substantial increase in blood lipid levels.
Our initial efforts focused on nutrition education, including: working with the FNRI to make information on the 'Pinggang Pinoy' more accessible; partnering with dzMM for a radio show for parents; and collaborating with the NGO Hapag-Asa for a nutrition education module.
In Western Visayas, except for Iloilo and Aklan, IDD is still prevalent in the provinces of Antique, Capiz, Guimaras and Negros Occidental as indicated in the FNRI survey.
In support of the initiative, we launched our own Sarap Pinggang Pinoy Meal, which conforms to the nutritional guidelines set by the FNRI, while at the same time incorporates timeless Pinoy favorites.