FNRMForest and Natural Resources Management (State University of New York)
FNRMFederación de Natación de la Región de Murcia (Spanish: Swimming Federation of the Region of Murcia; Murcia, Spain)
FNRMFriends of the National Railway Museum (York, North Yorkshire, England, UK)
FNRMFirst Niagara Risk Management, Inc. (New York)
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Although we have not conducted an exhaustive review of the differences between the present selected population and previous selected populations, the success of participants in the PRL, FNRM, and KB databases who satisfied Honorton's (1992) three-predictor model--previous psi experience, a feeling-perception (FP) typology on the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory, and practice of a mental discipline--exceeded the success of participants satisfying only one of the four optimal participant traits identified by Honorton and Schechter (1987), by 42% to 31%.
Kim has been highly effective in accelerating the development and implementation of FNRM s sales strategy, said Kirk Jensen, managing director of First Niagara Risk Management.
-- First Niagara Risk Management, Inc., (FNRM) the wholly-owned insurance subsidiary of First Niagara Bank and its parent company, First Niagara Financial Group, Inc.