FNRSFonds National de La Recherche Scientifique (Belgium organization promoting development of higher teaching and research in the biomedical field)
FNRSFonds National Suisse de la Recherche Scientifique (Swiss National Science Foundation)
FNRSFirst Nations Research Site (Canada)
FNRSFresh Normal Rat Serum (antibodies)
FNRSFederal Networks Requirements Study
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(5) FNRS Department of Economics, Universite de Namur, Namur, Belgium
Therefore, there were initial major concerns about the false-negative rate (FNR) and the feasibility and reliability of SLNB after NACT.
While the highest FNR related to SQL vulnerability detection was recorded for Skipfish (see Table 5), the number of XSS false negatives recorded for Skipfish was lower than the ones calculated for Arachni 0.4.3 and Wapiti 2.3.0.
We calculated the performance in order to check the increase in FPRs and the change in FNRs while changing values of pval (p value threshold for filtering) for Contra, d (baseline probability) for Excavator, and min.spec (desired minimum specificity) for ExomeCNV, which seemed to be directly related to FPR.
did not find that small thyroid nodule size significantly influenced the risk of false-negative FNAC results, although they did observe a trend toward a higher false-negative rate (FNR) in the subcentimeter nodules [13].
The simulation results of the TPRs and FNRs of all the schemes at the end of the 100th round are shown in Figure4 and Figure 5 respectively.
This work was supported by a FRFC project (FNRS, Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique).
Olivier Gergaud gratefully acknowledges financial support from the European Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities--Lille Nord de France (Project DEAC--Dynamiques de l'Economie de l'Art et de la Culture); Vincenzo Verardi gratefully acknowledges financial support from FNRS. We also thank Maurice Gergaud for helping to gather and code the data and Ralf Powierski for creating the map in Figure 1.
The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) will impose a 5 percent withholding tax on all foreign non-resident shareholders (FNRS) who enjoy the benefit of Pakistan source dividend income but do not file their income tax statements.
The initial FNRs and FPRs of foreground extraction are shown in Table 1 and several foreground segmentation results in Figure 6.
A.B is a Senior Research Associate, P.P is a Televie post-doctoral fellow and A.G is a Televie fellow, all at the National Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS), Belgium.