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FNSFood and Nutrition Service (USDA)
FNSFederated Naming Service
FNSFox News Sunday
FNSFriday Night Skate
FNSFonds National Suisse (French: Swiss National Science Foundation)
FNSFédération Nationale de Simulation (French: National Federation of Simulation)
FNSFictitious Name Statement (law)
FNSFemale Non-Smoker
FNSFederal News Service (Washington, DC)
FNSFamilies in Need of Services (various locations)
FNSFinancial Network Services (Pty LTD)
FNSFunctional Neuromuscular Stimulation
FNSFonds National de Solidarité (French: National Solidarity Fund; various nations)
FNSFriedrich Naumann Stiftung
FNSFirst Nations Summit (Canada)
FNSFuji Network System (Japan)
FNSFonds National de la Science (France)
FNSFormule Numération Sanguine (French: Blood Count Formula)
FNSFamilial Neonatal Seizures (epilepsy)
FNSField Naturalists' Society (various locations)
FNSForeign Nation Support
FNSFar North Science (publication)
FNSForce Net Supervisor (US Navy)
FNSFinnish Navy Ship
FNSFree Name System
FNSFantastic Network Solutions (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
FNSFlemingdon Neighbourhood Services (Toronto, Canada)
FNSFunctional Neuromuscular Stimulator
FNSFrogans Network System
FNSFederal Network Systems, Inc.
FNSFrequency Notification System
FNSFrench Nuclear Society
FNSFaster-Than-Nyquist Signaling
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Previously known as Fujairah National Shipping Agency, FNS, which also has offices in Dubai, was relaunched under the fresh leadership of its chief executive office Sanjeev Sarin.
The design of FNS (Figure 1) includes determination of the unknown parameters of the antecedent and the consequent parts of the fuzzy if-then rules (1).
military's M4 supplier for many years), so I'm not surprised a full-size duty gun was the first FNS model introduced.
Building on the success of the FNS series, FNH USA has introduced two new compacts for 2015.
The AgSmarts FNS app is available for iPhone in the App Store and for Android in Google Play Store.
Even though the ONZOFF controller reduced terminal knee angular velocity, subjects using FNS still exhibited a much higher velocity than nondisabled individuals, whose knee angular velocity at maximum knee flexion angle was 21.
The FNS became the first organization in America to use nurses qualified as midwives.
Hand did not fully understand the FNS credits but was assured by Powell and the materials and documentation that he provided that the credits were valid.
When FNS Pohjanmaa approached the PAG, the dhow tried to flee the scene and the suspected pirates were observed throwing equipment overboard.
The data were collected by using "The Family Introduction Form", FNS (Family Needs Survey) and QFS-F (Questionnaire on Resources and Stress-F) Turkish.
Then FNS and the state agencies that administer SNAP began streamlining application processes and ramping up their outreach efforts.