FNSACFédération Nationale des Syndicats du Spectacle de l'Audiovisuel et de l'Action Culturelle (French: National Audiovisual and Cultural Action Trade Union Show Federation)
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FNsac: Two girls sit next to each other, start playing the videos and start talking, they put on the earphones but only in one ear so that they can keep on chatting; they pretend they're watching the video and writing or rather looking at the worksheet, but they are chatting (whispering) all the time.
FNsac: The assistants are working on the computers; suddenly one of them starts walking around the CADI just to see what the students are doing...
FNsac: The 4 remaining students in the CA (computers' area) seem concentrated, they're quiet and using different programs, they look interested and focused, in addition, they're accumulating points/credits.