FNSBFairbanks North Star Borough
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Phone: 907-463-4949 Municipal Employees, and FNSB Management
The election equipment is stored at the Fairbanks North Star Borough Warehouse (FNSB Warehouse) at 1885 Marika Road, Fairbanks, Alaska.
These communities offer residents and visitors a quality of life they won't find elsewhere, according to FNSB Mayor Luke Hopkins.
In an interview, Shanks said the FNSB's employment growth in 2010 was not surprising.
"We enjoyed working together with our team of designers and contractor, along with the FNSB and school district to complete this complicated project," Bettisworth said.
She says the city is partnering with the FNSB and the Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation (FEDC) to explore alternative energy for the Interior.
The Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) is soliciting bids for the purchase of three (3) Dell PowerEdge
Recent Projects: King Salmon sewer project, Juneau Airport master plan, Old Seward Highway (Dimond to Dowling), FNSB West Valley High School, DOT PF Deermount St.
And 1995 was the first year the FNSB recorded year-round, single-digit unemployment, even during the long winter that typically results in construction and tourism-related layoffs.
According to the Alaska Department of Labor, the FNSB is leading the state in economic growth, with a 2 percent increase in June 1996, compared to 1.1 percent growth for Alaska overall.
Contact Marilyn Ordal, FNSB Procurement Specialist, 907-459-1297, 907-459-1100, purchasing@fnsb.us fnsb.us
Tenders are invited for FNSB Serious SIP and Technical Support