FNSEAFédération Nationale des Syndicats d’Exploitants Agricoles
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Xavier Beulin, president of the FNSEA, said farmers "need to express their anger".
FNSEA said in a statement on its website: "Mr Sarkozy, agriculture merits as much as the banking or automobile sectors.
Furthermore, the economic dimension of the crisis was translated on to a European level by the agricultural union, the FNSEA.
In some places it led to conflicts between the departmental and the national level of the FNSEA, in others to farmers simply leaving the union altogether.
Este programa propone introducir mas justicia social en el sector agricola, gracias a un sistema de precios diferenciados, frenar el exodo rural que se percibe como un factor de desempleo y cuestionar el monopolio de representacion de la FNSEA, herencia del periodo anterior.
FNSEA claims egg producers have been forced to increase production in order to compensate for the investments that French farmers made in response to a 2012 Commission directive on animal welfare.
Jean-Michel Lemetayer, the head of farmers' union FNSEA, appealed to the government for a "major emergency plan" including tax cuts to help French farmers compete with European rivals.
Speaking in Grenoble on August 20, Mr Seigle-Vatte, President for the Isere Department of the FNSEA, the Federation of French farmers' unions, warned that the pastoral way of life is under threat in the Alps.
The head of France's powerful FNSEA farm union urged the European Union to put forward a rescue plan for the bloc's crisis-hit pork sector.
Kendall said he was pleased that both the French farmers' association FNSEA and the French presidency of the G20 were bringing agricultural leaders and ministers together for the first time to discuss these critical issues.