FNSIFederazione Nazionale Stampa Italiana
FNSIFinding of No Significant Impact
FNSIFederación Nacional de Sindicatos Independientes (Spanish: National Federation of Independent Trade Unions; Mexico)
FNSIFirst Nations Statistical Institute (Canada)
FNSIFiber Network Solutions, Inc. (internet provider)
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To qualify for this standing, the three First Nations had to meet stringent guidelines and it was data provided by the FNSI that helped establish their credit rating.
Conn pointed out that the FNSI was created by the government because of a perceived gap in First Nations statistical information.
FNSI gathers the data through specific agreements on how the data will be collected, managed and published.
La FNSI sostiene que los ejecutivos de los medios son los culpables de las condiciones precarias que padece mas de la mitad de los 30 mil periodistas del pais, por lo que exige establecer normas para proteger a los trabajadores independientes.
Los ejecutivos del conglomerado desdenaron las acciones de la FNSI y el sabado 16 amenazaron a sus reporteros con quitarles el aguinaldo.
Sin embargo, los ejecutivos de los medios temen mas protestas durante los proximos meses si persisten las diferencias con la FNSI, pero siguen tratando de justificar su negativa a firmar un nuevo contrato laboral.
8) The manner in which federal agencies use and manage mitigation commitments made in environmental analyses performed under NEPA is critical to overall compliance with NEPA, particularly in light of the use of mitigated FNSIs.
Resolving inadequacies in cases involving mitigated FNSIs is particularly important, since the regulation states that "[i]f ineffective mitigations are identified which were required to reduce impact below significance levels .
41) The cases above illustrate that courts have recently shown a heightened interest in examining mitigation issues in the context of EAs, particularly in cases resulting in mitigated FNSIs.
As its secretary general, Negre was an employee of the FNSI, and he was expected to distance himself from all established political parties.
The FNSI issued a Manifesto of Organized Teachers defending the sou du soldat: