FNSIFederazione Nazionale Stampa Italiana
FNSIFinding of No Significant Impact
FNSIFederación Nacional de Sindicatos Independientes (Spanish: National Federation of Independent Trade Unions; Mexico)
FNSIFirst Nations Statistical Institute (Canada)
FNSIFiber Network Solutions, Inc. (internet provider)
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The National Federation of the Italian Press (FNSI) said in a statement to the Cihan news agency that they fear for their colleagues in Turkey after the takeover of Koza ypek Holding.
Underlining that the act of trying to "silence Koza ypek Holding is not acceptable," FNSI Secretary-General Carlo Parisi said the journalists of Italy stand by media workers in Turkey.
The recent turn of events in Canada, in which the Conservative government has withdrawn funding from a host of data-gathering projects including the FNSI (17) may signal that this government has come to recognize the ways in which population data can be mobilized against the state and used to make uncomfortable demonstrations of inequities.
Harold Calla, chair of the First Nations Financial Management Board, said the loss of FNSI will leave his organization having to collect its own data in order to satisfy the requirements of the investment banks and rating agencies that First Nations need to accomplish long-term investments.
The FNSI is an important nonpartisan tool used to provide the necessary financial analysis and data gathering for the bond debenture process.
To qualify for this standing, the three First Nations had to meet stringent guidelines and it was data provided by the FNSI that helped establish their credit rating.
(7) Federal agencies often use such measures in EAs to mitigate environmental impacts below the significance threshold, thus avoiding the requirement to produce an EIS (the mitigated FNSI).
The Army regulation states that "[w]hen the analysis proceeds to an EA or EIS, mitigation measures will be clearly assessed and those selected for implementation will be identified in the FNSI or the [Record of Decision].
When the FNSI announced its new affiliation with the CGT, Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau issued a warning to all elementary school teachers:
One of the victims was the general secretary of FNSI, Manus Negre, who in 1907 was fired from a Paris elementary school for "his spirit of insubordination and revolt." The teachers' unions responded to Negres dismissal by offering him a full-time, paid position with the federation until they could win his reinstatement in the classroom, which was achieved in 1911.