FNSTFlorida National Scenic Trail
FNSTFirst Nations Snowboard Team (Canada)
FNSTFédération Nationale des Syndicats de Transports (French: National Federation of Transport Unions)
FNSTfemoral nerve stretch test
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FNST engineers work on-site with the auto manufacturers, so our teams have been integrated into the vehicle electrification development process," says Juergen Mall, market segment manager, E-Mobility, FNST.
Due to funding restrictions, the FNST is only currently available to British Columbia residents.
The FNST is operating now in large part because the 2010 Winter Olympics will be staged in B.
Though it wasn't founded until 2004, the history of the FNST can be traced back all the way to 1997.
Ideally, the FNST would love to have one of its own win a medal at the B.
Redman is also one of two FNST athletes--Chelsea Mitchell is the other--who have also cracked the roster of the B.
Those wishing to join the FNST do not have to pay any registration fees.
And they must be willing to complete at least 90 per cent of the training that is involved with being a FNST member.
And to continue being a member in good standing, FNST athletes must also keep up their academics.
By adhering to all of the requirements, FNST members earn their equipment and a season's pass, which enables them to snowboard at various ski resorts.
The FNST also offers a recreational program for its athletes, aged 6 to 25, that are relative newcomers to snowboarding.