FNTFédération Nationale du Tourisme (French: National Federation of Tourism; Morocco)
FNTFédération Nationale du Train (French: Natioal Train Federation)
FNTFont (File Name Extension)
FNTForex News Trader
FNTFlexible Neural Tree
FNTFont File
FNTFoundations and Trends (journal)
FNTFontana (postal locality, Malta)
FNTFascinating New Thing (song)
FNTFundo Nacional de Telecomunicações (Portuguese: National Telecommunications Fund; Brazil)
FNTFlint, MI, USA - Bishop Int'l Airport (Airport Code)
FNTFederación Nacionál de Trabajadores (Spanish: National Federation of Workers; Guatemala)
FNTFowler-Nordheim Tunneling (quantum physics)
FNTForging New Tomorrows, Inc. (Atlanta, GA)
FNTFidonet New Technology
FNTFront Nacional de Trabajadores (Spanish: National Workers Front, Nicaragua)
FNTFermat Numbertransform
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En atencion a lo expuesto hasta ahora, en este articulo nos proponemos como objetivo analizar la presencia de las FNT en situaciones de descortesia y los efectos o funciones que puedan desempenar en ellas.
Jeff Dominique, inventor and CEO of FNT explained that "Our original thought in designing the IRIS was to completely follow the intent of the ISMA rating, which at that time had not been applied to fiber optic interconnection devices.
CASC-21, 2007, introduced the FNT division, further stimulating the development of model-finding systems.
The post R&M, FNT collaborate for data centre cable management appeared first on Reseller Middle East.
Information gathered from R&M inteliPhy's RFID sensors flows into FNT Command software,
A cet effet, [beaucoup moins que]l'ONMT et la FNT s'engagent a atteindre une croissance a deux chiffres en termes de recettes touristiques pour les six prochains mois et demeurent confiants sur les tendances du marche[beaucoup plus grand que].
Jordan explained: "It just started out as a joke, a publicity stunt really for FNT, but then it took on a life of its own.
Proven indications for FNT are limited and will benefit few patients.
Consequently, my FNT and MNT friends will invoke their genderings of their own bodies and practices as evidence of sex/gender's plasticity and against the need to choose SRS to reshape binary sex/gender.
El FNT alfa puede alterar la senal de insulina, inhibiendo la lipoproteinlipasa, induciendo IAP-1, contribuyendo directamente a la disfuncion endotelial, y asi, a la patogenesis de la HIE.
La activacion de celulas T humanas CD4+ por antigenos de Mt, secretan citoquinas al macrofago como IFN g y FNT [alpha]/[beta], que son citotoxicos para los macrofagos infectados por Mt y ayudan a los macrofagos no infectados en el control intracelular.
of FNT Fluke Networks GL Communications GN NetTest Graybar Independent Technologies Megger National Technical Systems OZ Optics Photonix Technologies Psiber Data Systems Specialized Products Co.