FNTFédération Nationale du Tourisme (French: National Federation of Tourism; Morocco)
FNTFédération Nationale du Train (French: Natioal Train Federation)
FNTFont (File Name Extension)
FNTForex News Trader
FNTFlexible Neural Tree
FNTFont File
FNTFoundations and Trends (journal)
FNTFontana (postal locality, Malta)
FNTFascinating New Thing (song)
FNTFundo Nacional de Telecomunicações (Portuguese: National Telecommunications Fund; Brazil)
FNTFlint, MI, USA - Bishop Int'l Airport (Airport Code)
FNTFederación Nacionál de Trabajadores (Spanish: National Federation of Workers; Guatemala)
FNTFowler-Nordheim Tunneling (quantum physics)
FNTForging New Tomorrows, Inc. (Atlanta, GA)
FNTFidonet New Technology
FNTFront Nacional de Trabajadores (Spanish: National Workers Front, Nicaragua)
FNTFermat Numbertransform
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When FNT is "makin' the music", you are guaranteed to hear your favorites, old and new so come on and dance with them!
And the family [[tau].sub.N] = {[[0.bar].sub.n], [[1.bar].sub.n], [[lambda].sub.N], [[beta].sub.N]} be FNT such that, [[1.bar].sub.n]-[[tau].sub.N] = {[[1.bar].sub.n], [[0.bar].sub.n], <x, 0.5, 0.4, 0.7>, <x, 0.4, 0.1, 0.8>}.
A ese movimiento se sumaron el FNT y el resto de organizaciones sociales subordinadas a Ortega.
The design and deployment of FNT Command at SP Telecom is a strategic win for both parties.
Sin embargo, el hecho de que las FNT desempenen un papel importante en el mantenimiento de la cortesia en los actos de habla corteses no implica que estas no puedan aparecer en realizaciones verbales descorteses.
In short, during the whole simulation process, the body goes through four states: NNN, FNN, FNT, and FDT.
Jeff Dominique, inventor and CEO of FNT explained that "Our original thought in designing the IRIS was to completely follow the intent of the ISMA rating, which at that time had not been applied to fiber optic interconnection devices."
In addition to serving its customers with the best solutions and service, R&M will continue to grow its strategic partnerships with leading IT companies such as FNT Software, ABB, and Fluke Network who have regularly co-hosted Data Centre Network Days with it.
(6) FNT:* first-order form nontheorems (axioms with a countersatisfiable conjecture, and satisfiable axiom sets).
Summary: Reichle & De-Massari (R&M) and FNT Software has unveiled their joint solution for data centre cable management.
Reichle & De-Massari (R&M) and FNT Software have jointly unveiled their solution for data centre cable management.