FNTSFédération Nationale des Travailleurs de la Santé (French: National Federation of Health Workers)
FNTSFirst National Technology Solutions (Omaha, NE)
FNTSFinatis SA (France)
FNTSFédération Nationale des Transporteurs Sanitaires (French: National Federation of Health Transporters)
FNTSFujitsu Network Transmission Systems, Inc. (fiber optics)
FNTSFederation of the Scientific and Technical Unions in Bulgaria
FNTSFast Neutron Transmission Spectroscopy
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Proposition 2.7 [13]: Let (X, [[tau].sub.N]) be FNTS and [[lambda].sub.N], [[beta].sub.N] are FNSs in X.
Definition 2.8 [2]: FNS [[lambda].sub.N] in FNTS (X, [[tau].sub.N]) is called:
Definition 3.1: Fuzzy neutrosophic subset [[lambda].sub.N] of FNTS (X, [[tau].sub.n]) is called fuzzy neutrosophic [Alpha.sup.m]- closed set (FN[[alpha].sup.m]-closed set, for short) if FNint(FNcl ([[lambda].sub.N])) [subset or equal to] UN, wherever [[lambda].sub.N] [subset or equal to] [U.sub.N] and [U.sub.N] be FN[alpha]-open set.
With FNTS, they already have stores lined up ready to stock the T-Shirts so when it launches it will be a product that people can buy in local stores.
FNTS (From Nothing To Something) is really a great name for this new clothing line.
To put it another way, my FNT and MNT friends are displacing the source of their discomfort, from the visceral and naturalized meanings of their own bodies to the level of a disembodied "politics." (It is also the case that FNTs and MNTs likely experience different kinds of embodied reactions to SRS; I will not make much of this difference, however, and I will defend this position in the final section of the paper).
Going to the gym, so essential to the modern American middle-class subject, is also about producing certain kinds of gendered effects in the body and can be seen as what one of my transexual study participants, Janet (drawing on Judith Butler), termed a "gender hyperbolization practice." Moreover, fitness regimes can cost a small fortune: over a lifetime, gym membership in large metropolitan areas of the United States (where many FNTs and MNTs live) could easily amount to the cost of SRS several times over.
To constitute an FNT, the trust, of course, must be foreign.
Accordingly, a foreign trust will be an FNT unless it is revocable or the grantor or the grantor's spouse are the only permissible beneficiaries.
FNTS is a co-founder and a member of the World Federation of the Engineering Organizations (WFEO/FMOI), a member of the the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI), and a member of the the /CO.P.I.C.E.E./, Global Compact, European Young Engeneers.
FNTS incorporates 19 national scientific-technical unions /NTS/ and 33 territorial NTS together with their structures - associations, clubs of technique, etc.