FNUCFirst Nations University of Canada
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Stonechild said he was dropped because he told an FNUC Academic Council meeting that the Aboriginal political system allowed no "checks and balances" to restrain what governments can do.
The report stated that many of those who addressed the task force believed that FSIN Vice-chief Morley Watson, the chair of the FNUC board of directors, "had acted unilaterally and interfered with the day-to-day administration of the university" when he arrived on campus on Feb.
FNUC is the only First Nations-controlled university in Canada.
FNUC professor Del Anaquod and Muskeg Lake First Nation Chief Harry Lafond are the co-chairs of the task force.
The goal is to come to a consensus on new arrangements for FNUC that will satisfy all parties involved.
A few carloads of students then went off to the offices and marched into the boardroom demanding to meet with Charles Pratt, the interim president of FNUC.
He has taught at campuses in Alberta as well, and then while doing a commissioned piece at the University of Regina, a teaching position came open at FNUC where he instructs traditional art, painting, and sculpture.
Blair Stonechild said the current setup for the FNUC board of governors has aggravated the current political and administrative crisis at the university.
Cannon-Levesque, who is the university's program coordinator for the northern health sciences access program, said although the Footprints Committee is not funded by the FNUC, the committee's efforts have been well received by the school.
Cheryl Ross, the valedictorian, described FNUC as a one of a kind, a place to learn and re-learn traditions, language and culture.
The university's expenses have exceeded revenues for a number of months," Dennis writes to FNUC board of governors chairman Morley Watson in a May 25 memo.
The dispute was with the University of Regina Faculty Association which accused FNUC of infringing on academic freedom.