FNUEFertilizer Nitrogen Use Efficiency
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Based on our findings FNUE and TNUE were 25% and 57% for wheat and 12.
With the calculation of sensitivity analysis in maize, the improvement of ANU is the best way to increase FNUE and TNUE.
Definition of indicators Abbreviation N recovery from fodder per animal ANU N from animal food to total food FDA N from plant food to total food FDP Recovery efficiency of fertilizer N in food FNUE N in straw used as fodder FUS N in grain used as fodder GUF N in grain used for food processing GUP Distribution ratio of harvested N to straw NDS Harvest index to N NHI N in processed grain used as food PND N use agronomic efficiency RE Recovery efficiency of total harvested N in food TNUE N used as fodder in by-products UTB from processed grains Table 2.