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From this table, we can see that FO2 outperforms FO1 in terms of the solution quality.
Table 1: Grain and oil yield (Kgha-1)of safflower genotypesn in different levels of sub and main factors Traits Grainyield Oilyield (Kgha-1) (Kgha-1) Treatments a1 1407 ns 653 ns a2 1330 ns 610 ns Bo 1323 b 458 b b1 1600 a 539 a b2 1343 ab 479 ab b3 1210 b 416 b a1bo 1003 ns 345 ns a1b1 1172 ns 402 ns a1b2 350 ns 338 ns a1b3 928 ns 323 ns a2bo 902 ns 314 ns a2b1 1133 ns 372 ns a2b2 982 ns 344 ns a2b3 815 ns 280 ns a1= Isphahan local variety a2= Fo2 variety bo= intact plants b1= removal of florets, every 3 days after initiation of flowering b2= removal of florets, every 6 days after initiation of flowering b3= removal of florets, every 9 days after initiation of flowering Different letters in each column shows significant differences at 0.01 probability (DMRT).
Black, white or limited edition mulberry and moonstone blue.Priced: pounds 26.99, CLAIM: Crop-top style bra with sporty back that's suitable fo2 high for high-import sports.
Quantities of residual fuel oil (FO6) and distillate fuel oil (FO2) are reported in terms of barrels, while their sulfur content is expressed as a percentage of overall weight.
According to FO2 Emeliano Complativo of the Bureau of Fire Protection - Muntinlupa City, the fire engulfed Markline Home Furniture located in Tepaurel Compound in Barangay Putatan.
A firefighter, identified as FO2 Ryan Batayen, was also wounded.
Two varieties ,Isphahan local and Fo2 represented the main plots,(a1,a2) and 3 removal florets stages every 3(b1),6(b2), 9(b3)days after initiation of flowering and control(b0-intact plants) represented the sub plots.
FO2 Joel Quizmondo recommended the approval of NCCC's fire safety compliance certificate while SFO1 Leo Lauzon endorsed SSI's.
One firefighter, identified as FO2 Hover Verucil, was injured but was immediately given first aid.