FOADMFixed Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer
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Designed for 100G and 200G coherent optical transport between data centers in point-to-point or ring topologies, the 1FINITY T100 Transport blade can be deployed independently, in conjunction with other 1FINITY blades such as the L100 Lambda series to provide ROADM capability, or over a third-party FOADM.
Cost-effective and Flexible Metro Optical Layer Coriant's Pluggable Optical Layer provides an innovative and flexible new approach to building the metro optical layer based on compact pluggables that enable operators to build a wide variety of network architectures (point-to-point WDM, FOADM, ROADM, etc.) with the exact functionality they want with typical cost savings of up to 30% while being able to add functionality with additional pluggables as application needs evolve over time
These include a 1RU device that supports both a 10x10 muxponder and a 100G transponder in one product as well as 2RU and 7RU chassis that also support many additional applications - such as WDM, DWDM, FOADM, and ROADM - and services, such as SONET/SDH, Ethernet, SAN, video, and OTN.