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FOAFFriend Of A Friend
FOAFFriends of Ambler Farm (Wilton, CT)
FOAFFriends of Attadale Foreshore, Inc. (est. 2001; Australia)
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[12] models the user interest by combining the profile information and semantic web using FOAF ontology and DBpedia resources.
A Machine Learning Approach to Linking FOAF Instances.
FOAF [14] is another open-source software application based on RDF which describes the ontology of a person his social and daily activities and his relations and links to other persons.
The FOAF consists of millions of RDF documents which describe attributes of people and relationships among them.
For example, the Friend of a Friend (FOAF) ontology is a very limited representation of people and relationships and requires extensions to accommodate research interests or graduate students supervised.
This dump contains information about persons extracted from the English and German Wikipedia, represented using the FOAF vocabulary.
Additionally, we evaluated our prototype on four real-world RDF datasets: the Mindswap research group ( /MindPeople4-30.rdf|, a webcrawl of arbitrary RDF (, a FOAF dataset (, and the Semantic Wiki ( [18].
OWL sets such as FOAF (Friend of a Friend) provide standardized, computer-readable representations of relationships.
Instead of wanting to see the World Wide Web, we're more interested in the friend-of-a-friend (or FOAF) web.
BOJARS, BRESLIN, FINN & DECKER (2008) instead suggest using traces of human contact patterns--Friend Of A Friend (FOAF).