FOARFields of Anfield Road (Liverpool Football Club)
FOARFriends of Addiction Recovery (New Jersey)
FOARFriends of Auto Racing
FOARFaciooculoacousticorenal Syndrome
FOARFriends of Anahuac Refuge (Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge; Texas)
FOARFriend of a Relative
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Reconstructive techniques used were Fronto-orbital advancement and reconstruction (FOAR), total calvarial remodelling (TCR) and Box flap, depending upon the anomaly and indications.
introduction Hewson more, in admits t never be he's man His cle up to th atten Foar His clear, clipped prose is beautifully up to the task, as is his forensic attention to the original's details.
Readers of Kugels foar Kant will appreciate this latest detective novel from Sietse de Vries.
Al cuatro le dicen "foar" al corre caballo "yoki" al pavo le dicen "toki" y dicen "aidia" a idea y miedo dicen "la fria" y al ratero "pipoket" Ernestina: Hay alguna analogia en lo que me has contestado pero aun no has terminado: falta mucho todavia La vida me apostaria que aunque tomes interes, si te diera todo el mes el chance para pensar tu no podras hirvanar otra decima en ingles Chuito: Al beso le dicen "kis" para saludar, "alo" a la hora dicen "oclo" y a la senorita "miss" al queso le dicen "chis" al te amo, "ai lov yu" al orgullo, "baliju" le dicen "jaus" a la casa y para decir, ?que pasa?
Foar alles is in tiid (There is a time for everything) is based on a series of lengthy interviews with Mulder, supplemented by secondary sources, and cast by de Vries as a first-person narrative.
Foar further info on Bradley Walsh and friends, see
SIETSE DE VRIES made a bold choice to begin Kugels foar Kant (Bullets for Kant) with a memorial service for the main character, a detective who has apparently been murdered in the process of solving a murder.
Still, the appreciative van der Velde reader keeps hoping for more stories from this gifted author with the literary distinction of De Fuke, or the moral substance of De Ofrekken, or even the emotional bite of Gjin lintsje foar Homme Veldstra (1993; see WLT 68:2, p.
Smoarge Grun lacks the depth of Gjin lintsje foar Homme Veldstra (1993; see WLT 68:2, p.