FOASFraction of a Second (time measurement)
FOASFuture Offensive Air System
FOASFiber Optic Acoustic Sensors (Northrop Grumman)
FOASFirst Order Abstract Syntax (computing)
FOASFall of Autumn Skies (band; Australia)
FOASFootsteps of a Stranger (song)
FOASFriends of Albert Schweitzer (England, UK)
FOASFriends of the Animal Shelter of St. Bernard, Inc. (Chalmette, LA)
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The rationale behind the multiple visits is that IPAs work independently from one another to formulate their own audit plans, and therefore, attempting to schedule a single planning visit at either a USACE Field Operating Activity (FOA) or the UFC would simply not work.
* FoAs investigate complex financial crimes involving corporate fraud, financial institution fraud, health care fraud, and securities and commodities fraud.
However, these transmission type FOSs [6, 7, 9, 11], including the Moire fringe-based FOA, depending on the transmitted light between the separated optical fibers, require the placement of optical fibers (OFs) on both sides of the prototype [69, 11].
The next section of Stille's book depicts the activities of the Foa family of Turin.
"PMELs are owned and operated by their respective MAJCOM [major command] or FOAs (field operating activity) to provide calibration and maintenance support to TMDE operated by users within a specified geographic region." (5) Air Staff responsibilities include establishing "policy for managing and operating the AFMETCAL Program." (6) The publication does not include any production standards for managing a PMEL.
The squadron is also seeking suppliers, administrators and flight operations assistants (FOAs).This last group is responsible for some of the most important functions in support of aircraft operations.
In the context of the A400M, it is worthy to mention that MBDA announced that it had been awarded a contract by the British Defence Procurement Agency to lead work on demonstrating new technologies for the Future Offensive Air System (Foas) and this project includes looking at ways of using transport air-crafdt like the A400M as a launch platform for deep strike cruise missiles.
The last of 142 Tornado GR.4 Mid-Life Update aircraft was delivered by BAE Systems to the RAF at Warton on June 10, providing the service with its full transitional capability on the road to the planned Future Offensive Air System (FOAS).
Approximately ten months ago, this second major US ILEC customer had placed an order to purchase from NHC two units of the CP 5400, for an amount of approximately CDN $700,000, following the successful completion of two first office application (FOAs) field trials at two separate locations.
technology); Douglas Barrie & Theresa Hitchens, Stealth Talks May Hold Key to Britain's FOAS, DEFENSE NEWS, Aug.
16), which are seen to provide a `stable base' for the supervenient `first order' aesthetic properties (FOAs) such as` `elegance' and `grace'.