FOATFixed Onestep Adaptive Twostep (IEEE)
FOATFastest of All Time
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An additional six patients with a negative FOAT had adequate fimbrial lengths and therefore did not undergo surgery.
In the positive FOAT cases, the unexplained infertility may be due to other undetected causes and, therefore, in spite of their positive FOAT, the pregnancy outcome in this group was low," Dr.
The six patients with negative FOATs but fimbria ovarica of adequate length, and the six patients with positive FOATS also underwent ovulation induction.
Shifts" in the modes and/or mechanisms of failure might occur during FOAT, because there is always a temptation to broaden (enhance) the stress as far as possible to achieve the maximum "destructive effect" (FOAT effect) in the shortest period of time.
BIT could be viewed as a special type of manufacturing FOAT (MFOAT).
FOAT cannot do without simple and meaningful predictive models.
A good FOAT PM does not need to reflect all the possible situations, but should be simple, should clearly indicate what affects what in the given phenomenon or structure, and should be suitable for new applications, new environmental conditions and technology developments, as well as for the accumulation, on its basis, of reliability statistics.
FOAT PMs take inputs from various theoretical analyses, test data, field data, customer and QT spec requirements, state-of-the-art in the given field, consequences of failure for the given failure mode, etc.
is most widespread in semiconductor reliability and underlies many FOAT related concepts.
The model might include Boltzmann-Arrhenius, Coffin-Manson and other FOAT models when addressing particular modes of failure.
7-9) Using AT data and, in particular FOAT data, and PM techniques, the PDfR approach enables one to establish, usually with sufficient accuracy, the probability of the possible (anticipated) failure of the device for the given loading conditions and for the given moment of time, both in the field and during FOAT.
It should be emphasized, however, that PHM effort, important as it might be as part of the general reliability approach, is applied at the operation phase of the product and cannot replace the preceding FOAT, DfR, AM or BIT activities.