FOBAPForeign Buyers Association of the Philippines
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I can still remember the golden years when FOBAP cornered the bulk of export orders of garments/textile accessories in the country.
The Philippine Exporters Confederation Inc had talked about Fobap's need for more tax perks at a time when such perks are being rationalised.
Fobap Director Ding Buendia added the garments industry will be provided with the needed boost should the government grant subsidies for power and labor.
The FOBAP official estimates that about half of the exporting garments factories in the Philippines at present are non-compliant with the stringent requirements of foreign buyers.
It is not clear at this point if Fobap was in favor or at least has some reservations about the bill.
FOBAP President Robert Young said the outlook for garment exports in the near future has become "very rosy because we have non-stop inquiries from buyers in the past two months as orders have been shifted here from China because of trade war but it is not for us to boast because it is difficult to find factories."
'With the revival of the garments sector, the revenue mix dramatically will go back to the old 90 percent-10 percent level,' FOBAP president Robert Young said in a report to the Philippine Exporters Confederation Inc.
Young said the FOBAP and the Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc.
FOBAP, which has been clamoring for such certificate, hopes this can increase the country's export revenue from the United States market.(PHILEXPORT News and Features)
Foreign Buyers Association of the Philippines (FOBAP) President Robert Young raised the urgency for local factories and sub-contractors of garments, apparel, shoes, bags, furniture, housewares and gift items to comply with social practices required by most major importing countries.
In the same statement, the Foreign Buyers Association of the Philippines (Fobap) said it was expecting an initial 15percent increase in the volume of exports to the EU countries with the granting of GSP+ to the Philippines.
The Foreign Buyers Association of the Philippines (FOBAP) has urged member principals and buyers to plan for an increased volume of exports to the EU countries with the granting of GSP+ to the Philippines.