FOBBFirst Oak Brook Bancshares, Inc. (stock symbol)
FOBBFriends of Black Bayou (est. 1997; Louisiana)
FOBBForest of Bere Bowmen (archery club; UK)
FOBBFestival of Bathing Beauties (UK)
FOBBFarmers' Option to Buy Back (National Food Autority; Philippines)
FOBBFriends of Bannockburn Bush (Australia)
FOBBFriends of Balayan Bay (Philippines)
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The concept was first pitched by comedic actor Kelly Perine to First Mind Mgmt who then collaborated with Fobbs to assemble a writers' round table and brainstorm the slate of upcoming projects in 2014.
Prairie View A&M coach Lee Fobbs also praised the event and was pleased to have USC coach Pete Carroll speak with his team before kickoff.
Lancaster General Hospital,(2) in which the Third Circuit held that "professional review activity" includes preliminary investigative measures taken in a reasonable effort to obtain the facts relevant to a possible change in a physician's privileges, and Fobbs v.
Fobbs (1994) observed that the RDCI goals were "broad and comprehensive" (p.
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