FOBEFaculty of Business and Entrepreneurship (National University of Samoa)
FOBEFractional Out-of-Band Energy
FOBEFriends of Bright Eyes (UK charity organization)
FOBEForm Operation by Example (programming language)
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Storey and Fobes understand that "when you wear a clever shirt that addresses a serious topic, people take notice and come forward to engage.
Fobes also notes that the Xpress may have been boosted by other factors unique to its market that have allowed the paper to expand its role: "Whatever success Xpress has had might .
And for empirical data on the mathematical and reasoning abilities of chimpanzees, see King and Fobes 1982, Premack 1976, Gillan, Premack, and Woodruff 1981, and Gillan 1981.
Twenty years ago, corn couldn't be done," Fobes says.
Among the bankruptcy cases from which the New York City firm gained work were those of: Angelina Brown (C-F 283): Alpheus Fobes (C-F 774); John Hull and Abraham Smith (C-F 1110); Michael Kerrigan (C-F 1237); and Elijah Prentiss (C-F 1743).
And Peres Fobes concluded that powerful political officials could be trusted if they were "fired with a noble emulation of transmitting their names to posterity in laurels of honor.
8-11, and the Fobes Saddle Reroute Project in the San Bernardino National Forest, Nov.
Richard Fobes is the author of The Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox: A Complete Course in the Art of Creating Solutions to Problems of Any Kind (Solutions Through Innovation, 1993), which is available from the Futurist Bookstore for $19.
In lieu of flowers donations in Catherine's memory may be made to the Oakham Historical Association, PO Box 236, or to The Friends of the Fobes Memorial Library, 4 Maple St.
Our strategy is to share the pain, so we're instituting a company-wide pay cut," Fobes said in a posting by Jason Sandford on the Mountain Xpress Web site.
See accompanying box on Blue Earth Alliance, a nonprofit organization Fobes cofounded to support photographic and film documentary projects that educate the public about the environment, world cultures, and social issues.
Fobes and Clingman expect the chain to be fully installed in another six months.