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FOBSFlexible Call Observing
FOBSFractional Orbital Bombardment System
FOBSFactors of Business Success (survey)
FOBSFlight Operations Briefing Station (Clark International Airport; Philippines)
FOBSFree on Board Stowed (shipping)
FOBSFriends of Brandon Station (UK)
FOBSFriends of Brandywine Springs (Wilmington, DE)
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A cable and wire team was dispatched two months in advance of TCF closure to properly test, label and map the network diagram for the FOB.
On its surface, FOB closure seems to be a straightforward proposition: find out who lives on the base and help them retrograde personnel and equipment, while simultaneously and systematically off-loading life support systems.
Some people I've spoken to since have suggested it could be a device used by thieves to jam the key fob signal.
Mr Justice King decided, having heard the arguments, that he would award a Protective Costs Order, limiting the potential liability to FOBS to a maximum of pounds 10,000 should FOBS lose the case.
Moreover, all key fobs support engine immobilizer system authentication.
The WR carries out annual maintenance of their FOBs, but blames hawkers for causing hurdles by not clearing the area even during repairs.
I spent my last evening at FOB Lynx packing and going over every last piece of my gear, particularly my weapons, to make sure everything was as "tight" as possible.
The salesmen thought for a minute, then agreed that he would give me another key fob and some floor mats, free of charge.
Our commander set a goal for our platoon FOBs early: Soldiers had to be able to live comfortably with high morale and be able to function at least six weeks before rotating teams to the larger FOB where the company and battalion headquarters were located.