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FOBTFecal Occult Blood Test(ing)
FOBTFixed Odds Betting Terminals
FOBTFree on Board and Trimmed (shipping)
FOBTFriends of Buckden Towers (UK)
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GVC said its earnings for the full year are set to be PS10m higher than previously forecast, as the company coped better than expected with the introduction of reduced FOBT stakes.
Scotbet has announced it has gone into receivership and is to close 11 of its 41 Scottish branches, claiming the introduction of a maximum stake on FOBT was "the straw which broke the camel's back".
The impact of the cut in FOBT stakes to a PS2 maximum was evident, with the UK retail arm of the group reporting a 39 per cent fall in machine revenue and a revenue decline of 19 per cent on likefor-like growth, both of which were slightly better than previous guidance and helped by an eight per cent increase in over-the-counter betting.
There will be free bets, cash back, free tickets to events and coffee at the FOBT terminal.
It took many years of campaigning before the Government changed the law to restrict the amount wagered on FOBT's but on April 1 the new legislation was introduced.
Liz said he started betting on FOBT and, at his worst, he was losing PS1,000-a-month.
"FOBT games such as roulette are linked to gambling addiction, debt and family breakdowns.
FOBT addiction and sky-high losses have been prevalent in Liverpool since the machines were introduced.
Last year there were more than 230,000 instances of individual Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT) sessions where a player lost more than PS1,000.
Dr Helen Knight, of the University of Sunderland, was speaking as the Government stepped in to reduce the maximum stake that can be gambled on FOBT machines, often found in bookmakers across the UK.