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FOCALFundacion Canadiense para las Americas (Spanish: Canadian Foundation for the Americas)
FOCALFondation Canadienne pour les Ameriques (French: Canadian Foundation for the Americas)
FOCALFormula Calculator
FOCALFundação Canadense para as Américas (Portugese: Canadian Foundation for the Americas)
FOCALFrancais Ocean et Climat dans l'Atlantique Equatorial (French)
FOCALFrancais Ocean et Climat Dans l'Atlantique Equatorial
FOCALFormes de Communication et Acquisition des Langues (French: Forms of Communication and Language Acquisition)
FOCALFederation of Commercial Audiovisual Libraries Ltd
FOCALFormulating Online Calculations in Algebraic Language
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Focal lengths of various flagships smartphones according to their respective EXIF
Hypothesis 1: After the promotion, consumers will have greater (less) willingness to pay for a supplementary product that shares a higher (lower) level of attribute complementarity with the focal product.
The transaction adds Focal's innovative BioZorb marker to the company's Breast Health product portfolio.
EO's Techspec UCI series lenses are available in 21 models with focal lengths of 4 mm, 6 mm, or 12 mm, and features working distances that are very short or zero mm.
'We could not get the information of their progress unless the focal persons are finalized who contact with all the district bodies of his province and prepare a final report', she told reporter.
Zooming in means you're set to a higher focal length which will open the aperture more and subject closer to the lens pushes the background further away.
The Focal length is measured in Millimeters (mm) it is the numeric found on the side of a DSLR lens reading (18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 135mm, ...etc.).
One such solution, being developed by Focal Point and Archer Experts, combines deep GDPR knowledge and RSA Archer's robust feature sets with consulting services to implement and integrate the solution across the business.
In focal PC, the goal is to close MAs and stop the leakage, while avoiding retinal scarring.
Owing to the dispersion, and considering that the refractive indices of different spectral bands are different, the illumination distributions of the three spectral bands are also different and nonuniform on the focal plane of lens.
President Rodrigo Duterte has appointed Assistant Secretary Aurora Ignacio as the 'focal person' to receive inquiries related to the government's anti-illegal drugs campaign.
Focal myositis is an uncommon, self-limiting, benign skeletal muscle disease, which is generally determined as an inflammatory pseudotumor.