FOCCFlorida Oceanographic Coastal Center (Stuart, FL)
FOCCFriends Of Chernobyl's Children (UK)
FOCCForward Control Channel (Cellular Term)
FOCCFlight Operations Control Center
FOCCFlax Oil Cottage Cheese
FOCCFriends of the Clinical Center (US NIH)
FOCCFiber Optics Coordinating Committee
FOCCForward Observer Command and Control
FOCCForward Optimistic Oriented Concurrency Control
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As well as helping to fund a range of activities to local attractions, Simon Bailes Peugeot and FOCC ensured the visits were beneficial in the long term by organising trips to local dentists, doctors and opticians as well as schools.
Simon Bailes Peugeot has been a longstanding community partner of FOCC, supplying transport to help the group visit local attractions, as well as providing trainers for when they return to Belarus which then get passed on to the children's siblings.
And the people behind FOCC are a wonderful group whose enthusiasm never ceases.
Local families across the region are volunteering to look after the children, and FOCC are always trying to recruit new host families for future visits.
0-3 hours) depending on the MIN transmitted via the FOCC.
FOCC member Elizabeth Orr said: "It is estimated that the one month spent in the UK breathing clean air, and eating and drinking uncontaminated food, water and milk prolongs their life by one to two years.
For whatever reason, it wasn't registered and the only way in which FOCC could stop houses being built was to get it registered as a green.
If they had interpreted the law correctly, the acrimony between FOCC and the council would not have occurred.
I agree the Mungle Jungle is an eyesore but once again it is no fault of the FOCC that it has been allowed to stay in such a state for so long.
Instead of being vilified, the FOCC should be applauded for their resilience and fortitude in their long legal battle in the courts, exercising their democratic rights and winning a fight that should never have been necessary in the first place.
Charles Davis, on behalf of the FOCC, stressed the legal process continued and accused the council of trying to "mislead the public into believing the housing estate on Coatham Common is to be built.
Shortly after that Chris McGlade was notified communications were being severed with FOCC as a result of a posting Chris had put on Redcar.