FOCCISAFellowship of Christian Councils in Southern Africa (World Council of Churches)
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The Kurasini Declaration is the result of "the Economic Justice Network of FOCCISA [Fellowship of Christian Councils in Southern Africa] and partner organisations from eleven countries in southern Africa [who] gathered in Kurasini, Dar Es Salaam, from 24-28 June 2002 to reflect on and address the marginalisation and injustices women face in [their] economies and societies as a result of trade liberalisation.
Churches and their related-organizations around the world have been tireless advocates on food, hunger and agriculture," said Simon Vilakazi, Economic Justice Network of FOCCISA.
The emergence and growth of regional ecumenical bodies such as FOCCISA (Fellowship of Christian Councils in Southern Africa), FECCLAHA (Fellowship of Christian Councils and Churches in the Great Lakes and the Horn of Africa), and FECCIWA (Fellowship of Christian Councils in West Africa) is a good sign of consolidating regional partnerships around new ecumenical spaces that bring the search for unity closer to home.