FOCCUSFacilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and Study (relationships)
FOCCUSFriends of Chernobyl Centers, US (Madison, WI)
FOCCUSFellowship of Cosmic Consciousness United Spiritually
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For Pre-Cana facilitators who fear that more inclusivity would conflict with Catholic teaching on premarital sex and cohabitation, the questions for cohabitating couples in the FOCCUS inventory might provide a guide for meeting cohabitating couples where they are while resisting language that longs wistfully for them to be (literally and figuratively) living someplace else.
FOCCUS is a widely used marriage preparation survey that includes a version tailored for Catholic use.
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There are two widely-used premarital inventories: PREPARE and FOCCUS. They are now used by perhaps 800,000 couples a year.
Cordero says she and her husband wanted to "get as much as we could" during their marriage prep, and they did indeed receive plenty of support: the FOCCUS pre-marriage inventory; a retreat with a marriage therapist; meetings with her husband's father, a Methodist pastor, as well as with a Catholic deacon and the priest who married them.
In mid-May Markey's lawyer said the matter at issue is a dispute between the nun and the archdiocese "about the proper ownership and priorities for use of revenues related to FOCCUS," a widely used marriage preparation program that Markey, a clinical psychologist, developed.
This study uses a proportional random sample drawn from a national population of couples who completed the FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding, and Study) premarital inventory (Markey, Micheletto, & Becker, 1985) as part of their marriage preparation between 1995 and 1999.
In fact, these strangers care so much that we are required to fill out a page of questions in the FOCCUS inventory, such as "Do my future spouse and I agree on the relationship between sex and intimacy?" and "Does my future spouse tend to be stubborn and/or inflexible?" These strangers encourage us to identify the topics we haven't explored so we can better prepare ourselves for this commitment.
Barbara Markey of Omaha, Neb., an author of FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding & Study), and David Blankenhorn, both founders of the Institute for American Values at Creighton University, say no independent research exists to back McManus' claims.
Also, there are several premarital inventories, such as FOCCUS and PREPARE/ENRICH, that help couples focus on specific aspects of their relationship.
While programs like FOCCUS and PREP are a good start, they are not enough to sustain marriages over the long term, marriage activists say.