FOCCUSFacilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and Study (relationships)
FOCCUSFriends of Chernobyl Centers, US (Madison, WI)
FOCCUSFellowship of Cosmic Consciousness United Spiritually
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FOCCUS is a widely used marriage preparation survey that includes a version tailored for Catholic use.
A national FOCCUS team traveled to the archdiocesan retreat center "to train some of our staff as lead trainers who will in turn instruct our ministry personnel in parishes to be more effective at this critical task," the bishop said.
There are two widely-used premarital inventories: PREPARE and FOCCUS.
Mentors Guide For FOCCUS, revised 2003, Marriage Savers.
FOCCUS stands for Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and Study.
Berry, said the funds at issue were "revenues brought in from outside the archdiocese of Omaha by FOCCUS Inc.
The FOCCUS Inventory is a questionnaire for couples preparing for marriage.
In addition to the original FOCCUS Inventory she cowrote in 1985, Markey "developed on her own numerous ancillary and supportive materials, videos and training programs and built a small business that distributed millions of dollars worth of materials worldwide," Berry said.
Although available for all marriage preparation programs, FOCCUS has been primarily used by Catholic couples.
The PREPARE, RELATE, and FOCCUS premarital assessment instruments.
Predicting marital success after five years: Assessing the predictive validity of FOCCUS.
The Burnses use their own 25-year-marriage success and Creighton University's FOCCUS program to prepare engaged couples.