FOCFFestival of Children Foundation (Costa Mesa, CA)
FOCFFree Operating Cash Flow
FOCFFriends of Capitol Forest (Seattle, WA)
FOCFFrequency-Offset Cartesian Feedback (microwave theory)
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This week, chairman of FOCF Christine Redgrave criticised town hall chiefs for failing to consult with the community.
In this paper, a robust containment control strategy, inspired by the previous works, which is performed by using the standard BP method, the FOCF technique, the sliding mode control (SMC) method, the Lyapunov stability theory, and the results from graph theory, is developed for a group of ships in the presence of the EDPU.
To overcome the problem of "explosion of complexity" which occurs in a strict-feedback form [39], a FOCF is introduced to eliminate the analytic differentiation of the virtual control signal in the standard BP design procedure [30].
Further support for the ratings include a relatively benign regulatory environment - despite interconnect call termination price cuts in both countries in 2011 and 2012 - and S&P's expectation of increasing FOCF in 2012 and 2013, which could be used to reduce the amount of senior secured notes outstanding.
Later, a visibly moved FOCF director Ivanka Shalapatova spoke about the foundation's cause.
Andreeva said that, above all, children needed love and warmth and that the FOCF cause was close to her heart as a mother.
FOCF could come under pressure because of the investment in the pulp mill associated with the Itata project, but it should strengthen quickly in 2006."
According to FOCF, more than 1500 babies are abandoned by their parents and left to fend for themselves.
The group's free operating cashflow (FOCF) debt coverage augmented to 1.59 times as at the same date (end-December 2008: 0.86 times), underscored by its healthier financial performance and lower debt level.