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FOCSFoundations Of Computer Science
FOCSFiber Optic Chemical Sensor (DecisionLink, Inc.)
FOCSFiber Optic Communication System (network)
FOCSFiber-Optics Cable System
FOCSFlexible Operation and Control System (Coresma)
FOCSFuture of Civil Society in Central Europe Project (University of Münster; Germany)
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The groundbreaking DCB with FOCS is part of the innovative technology being supplied by ABB for State Grid China Corporation's (SGCC) next-generation smart substations project.
FOCS and DBLINK, respectively, conduct community detection at every moment on the whole network, and iDBLINK, AFOCS are all incremental community detection algorithms.
All FOCS units can be supplied by ICS with partial or total Heat Recovery to a maximum hot water temperature of 55[degrees]C and each has been designed to operate up to an ambient air temperature of 46[degrees]C.
The ultimate goal is a family of FOCS devices for monitoring of a variety of important compounds, all using the same miniature instrumentation and configuration.
The Times has opened its doors to Garth Lenz of FOCS, and Misty MacDuffee of WCWC.
3] NB ISO 3046 IFN dB(A) a 7 m SILEO 1000 FOCS LDW 1003 1028 22.
Lombardini's LDW series diesel engines (CHD, FOCS and FOCS Plus) meet or exceed EPA Tier 2 and proposed 97/68 EEC Stage 3 guidelines, the company said.
The current generation of FOCS engines is equipped with mechanically actuated fuel injection equipment manufactured for Lombardini by Germany's Robert Bosch.
ABB s FOCS series for high-voltage substations includes FOCS integrated with DCB (Disconnecting Circuit Breakers), FOCS kits for integrating with other high-voltage equipment such as gas-insulated switchgear and generator circuit breakers.
ABB is at the fore-front of innovation in this area and recently announced the launch of the FOCS (Fibre Optic Current Sensor) integrated with the DCB (Disconnecting Circuit Breaker).
With Calient's FOCS application, SPAWAR is able to simulate a greater range of fiber network architectures, and to switch quickly from one topology to another, in order to simulate numerous field and shipboard conditions.
ABB's High Voltage products business head Giandomenico Rivetti said: Integrating the FOCS with the DCB reduces footprint while delivering a smart grid enabled solution that is virtually plug and play and yet flexible enough to accommodate customer needs.