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FOCSFoundations Of Computer Science
FOCSFiber Optic Chemical Sensor (DecisionLink, Inc.)
FOCSFiber Optic Communication System (network)
FOCSFlexible Operation and Control System (Coresma)
FOCSFiber-Optics Cable System
FOCSFuture of Civil Society in Central Europe Project (University of Münster; Germany)
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solved from the FOCs in (2) subsequent to a re-equilibration in the
where [zeta](t), [??](t) [member of] [R.sup.n] are the state vectors of the master FOCS and slave FOCS, respectively, P, Q, G [member of] [R.sup.nxn] are three constant matrices, G is a positive definite control gain matrix, and u(t) [member of] [R.sup.n] represents the control input.
According to the International Transport Workers' Federation, States that have issued or are issuing FOCs include Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia (landlocked), Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Comoros, Cyprus, Equatorial Guinea, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Honduras, Jamaica, Lebanon, Liberia, Malta, Mauritius, Moldova (landlocked), Mongolia (landlocked), Myanmar, North Korea, Panama, Sao Tome and Principe, St.
Equation (5a), taking into account of the asymmetric conditions in Equation (16), we derive the FOCs of the two fighting parties under asymmetry.
Kolliopoulos, "Edge pricing of multicommodity networks for heterogeneous selfish users," in Proceedings of the 45th Annual IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, FOCS 2004, pp.
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KENNY MacAskill has now joined the league of SNP stalwarts calling on Nicola Sturgeon to delay a second independence vote and focs us on the NHS, schools, local government and other domestic issues.
First, it is straightforward from their first-order conditions (FOCs) that [c.sub.e,1] and [c.sub.e,2] must be equal to each other; the same applies for [c.sub.u,1]and [c.sub.u,2].
ABB, the leading power and automation group, will install a 363 kilovolts (kV) disconnecting circuit breaker (DCB) with Fibre Optic Current Sensor (FOCS) integrating three substation functions - circuit-breaking, disconnecting and current measurement - in one single component and reducing the space needed for a substation bay by up to 70 per cent.
We will, respectively, compare iDBLINK with static community detection algorithms DBLINK, FOCS, and DENGRAPH and dynamic community detection algorithms AFOCS and DENGRAPH-IO.