FOCSAFederation of Chinese Scholars in Australia
FOCSAFomento de Obras y Construcciones SA (Spanish construction company; Barcelona, Spain)
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Ambassador Focsa stressed that Romania backed Macedonia's Euro-Atlantic path.
Focsa, "Characterization of aluminum laser produced plasma by target current measurements," Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, vol.
Mr Enrique Perez, Focsa Services (UK) Ltd, Rochdale.
Du point de vue du discours, les Certezeni definissent toujours leur maison << a l'occidental >> en contraste avec la << maison traditionnelle >> (Focsa 1975).
Council spokeswoman Nicole Smith said: "Focsa, our waste contractors, are unable to empty wheeled bins that are too heavy due to the safety risk of the bin falling from the vehicle's lifting gear during emptying."
FOCSA Services (UK) Ltd, which has its headquarters in Rochdale, was fined pounds 10,000 and ordered to pay costs of pounds 4,277 at Calderdale Magistrates' Court, after pleading guilty to breaching section 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.
After a year in which staff had to bring in a new system to cope with floods in Evesham and Pershore, workers from waste company FOCSA were thanked for their efforts.
Specialist vehicle provider Dennis Eagle, has recently completed its first ever refuse collection vehicle (RCV) order for Focsa Services (UK).
The experiment of the Focsa building successfully addressed this matter.
Anyone who's been treated to lunch by party officials in one of the penthouse dining rooms of Havana's giant Focsa building, for example, attended by obsequious waiters and someliers in monkey suits, could be forgiven for thinking they had walked into some bizarre re-enactment of the scene in The Godfather Part II in which Hyman Roth and Michael Corleone sit on the hotel roof eating birthday cake and carving up the HAvana casino concessions.
Cezara Focsa, 11, has Morquio, an ultra-rare genetic condition that results in abnormal development of the bones including the spine, along with fatigue and painful joints.