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So we need to now focus on getting three points and not sharing with other teams.
Because of this increased demand in mining contracts, the company feels it should focus all its efforts into mining.
The potential revenue, fueled by consumer demand, is one reason it makes sense for Kamcord to focus on Asia and moved in quickly.
You can speak about the result, focus on the result and the important moments of the game, and I prefer just to focus on the result because if I focus on the crucial moments of the game you know what I have to say because you have exactly the same opinion as I have.
Responding to this mismatch, in a fascinating development, the AfDB is proposing to establish jointly with Unesco and the ILO a Virtual African Higher Education Observatory - its purpose is to focus on developing employability training in higher education institutions.
Over the past year, however, I've noticed companies are beginning to focus their limited resources on a product or a few products that have the potential to make a significant contribution to the bottom line.
5-litre turbocharged engine that's under the bonnet of the fiery Focus ST, yet the output has been boosted from 222 to a whopping 301bhp.
Keeping jobs and pursuing occupational and career paths need to be much more of a focus in future research and transitional preparation of adolescents and young adults with attentional impairments.
Miller, Iowa Attorney General, announced that Publishers Clearing House, a company that had long been a focus of concern, investigation and litigation in many states, had agreed to make important and permanent reforms in the way it conducts future sweepstakes contests; furthermore, Miller stated that Iowans who had been deceived would soon receive nearly $1 million in refunds (Dorman, 2002).
Current literature on human learning argues that instructional interventions of this type are limited and often considered fragmented--they tend to focus on specific items of decontextualised knowledge (Lave, 1991; Scribner, 1986).
Also, because plant responses are often resource mediated, a focus on how resource availability changes on gradients and after disturbances (e.