FOCVFractional Open-Circuit Voltage (electrical engineering)
FOCVFlorida Office of Collegiate Volunteerism
FOCVFuel Oil Closing Valve
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In this paper, a study was conducted according to efficiency of SBS, SA, FOCV, SHC algorithms to MPP in partial shading conditions.
The FOCV method assumes that maximum power can be found on the ratio of the open circuit voltage.
9, GMPP points [V.sub.MPPT] values for FOCV are illustrated with red diamonds and red circles respectively.
In this study, SBS, FOCV, SHC, SA search algorithms are utilized and compared under partial shading conditions.
Detailed comparison for both, SBS, SA, FOCV, SHC algorithms are given below.
Also, FOCV had a significantly lower efficiency than others under partial shading conditions.
Figure 21 indicates the PV output peak power which is extracted by the FOCV Based MPPT method.
Figure 3 represents the fourteen computed points (diamonds) of [V.sub.MPP] versus [V.sub.OC] and two least-squares regression lines fitted to the computed data corresponding, respectively to the FOCV method, that is, (1) with k = 0.809, and the LOCV method, that is, (2) with a = 0.894 and b = -0.041.
As can be seen, at low irradiance the LOCV method clearly outperforms the FOCV method.
Again, the LOCV method clearly outperforms the FOCV method at low irradiance and slightly at medium irradiance.
The performance for both [r.sub.s] = 0.01 and [r.sub.p] = 100 was almost identical to that shown in Figure 2 (for [T.sub.a]= 25 [degrees]C), with the LOCV method outperforming the FOCV method.
Even so, the computed values of [[eta].sub.MPPT], also shown in Figure 7, still present a high efficiency, outperforming the FOCV method at all the irradiance levels, but specially at the low ones.