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FODForeign Object Damage
FODForeign Object Debris
FODFunny or Die
FODFederale Overheidsdienst (Belgium)
FODField of Dreams
FODFree Online Dating
FODFox on Demand (television)
FODFax on Demand
FODFaces of Death (gaming clan; movie; band)
FODFinger of Death (fantasy gaming)
FODFinding of Death (military casualty code)
FODFear of Death
FODfield operations division (US DoD)
FODFemale Orgasmic Disorder
FODFriend of Dorothy
FODField Operations Directorate (UK)
FODFatty Oxidation Disorder
FODForeign Object Detection
FODFilms on Demand (streaming video)
FODFlag of Democracy (band)
FODFly Or Die (gaming clan)
FODFort Dodge, IA, USA - Fort Dodge Regional Airport (Airport Code)
FODField Officer of the Day
FODFacilities Operations and Development (Columbus, Ohio, USA)
FODFreight on Delivery
FODFront of Dash (automotive manufacturing)
FODFriends of Dave
FODFinancial Operations Department (PBGC)
FODFell Over Dead
FODFuel Over Destination
FODForgiveness of Debt
FODFixed Operations Director
FODFreak Off and Die (polite form; Green Day song)
FODForces of Diversion (video gaming)
FODFlowers of Disgust (band)
FODFriend of Deborah Lipstadt
FODField of Drawing (engineering drawings)
FODFace of Destruction (gaming clan)
FODFigure Of Demerit
FODFollow On Destroyer
FODFailover Device (smart network card which can bypass the traffic if the server failed)
FODFacilitator on Duty
FODFreight on Dock (logistics)
FODFunction Operational Design
FODFrequency-Overlapped Duplex
FODFountain of Death
FODForehead of Doom
FODFlowers of Discipline (band)
FODFavorites on Demand (digital entertainment)
FODFiber Optic Device
FODFull Organizational Designation
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But every manufacturing plant has FOD, and, for as long as product has been manufactured, every manufacturing manager, supervisor and employee has been trying to reduce, if not eliminate, FOD.
Kimberly-Clark Professional's newest addition to the aerospace product line, the WypAll X80 FOD Prevention Wipe, is designed for heavy-duty cleaning tasks and contains an optical brightener that glows under UV light, making it easier to detect when left behind in dark spaces such as aircraft fuel tanks or wheel wells.
The quarterly council initially summarized and revealed photos of the type of FOD discovered during the previous three months.
This type of internet communication can extend the network and resources of a local FOD programme manager significantly, said FOD Control.
By the midpoint of cruise, we'd have had 10 instances of aircraft down for reported or suspected FOD, most of which were aircrew-related.
With all that jostling, my keys could have fallen out of my FOD pouch.
Look at the information and stories available in this issue and work to refocus your efforts at making your aircraft, hangar, flight line, or flight deck FOD free.
Those of us who work on or near the flightline are thoroughly aware of FOD and its associated hazards, but a reminder every now and then never hurts.
Now all hands muster on the bow for a FOD walkdown.
555-Fax-It's switch then connects the call to the FOD platform serving the caller's request.