FODMFriends of Dean Martinez (band)
FODMFriends of Dukes Meadows (now Dukes Meadows Trust; UK)
FODMFriends of the Desert Mountains (Palm Desert, CA)
FODMFiber Optic Data Modem
FODMFriends of Dacorum Museum (UK)
FODMFirst-Order Differential Microphone
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TABLE 2: Jaccard similarity index among the arboreal vegetation of the Atlantic Forest biome in southern Santa Catarina State, where, FODM = Montane Dense Ombrophilous Forest Montane, FODS = Submontane Dense Ombrophilous Forest, Ne = number of tree species sampled.
Okada, "An application of matching pursuit based channel estimation for FODM systems," ITE Technical Report, vol.