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FOEFriends Of the Earth
FOEFoundations of Excellence
FOEFreedom of Establishment (EU)
FOEFraternal Order of Eagles
FOEFreedom of Expression
FOEFrontiers of Engineering (symposium)
FOEFriends of English (English Conversation Club; South Korea)
FOEFocus on Energy (Wisconsin)
FOEFall of Empires (game)
FOEFederal Office of Energy (Switzerland)
FOEForge of Empires (video game)
FOEFlight Operations Engineer
FOEFriends or Enemies (music)
FOEFiber Optic Extender
FOEFaculty of Engineering
FOEFaculty of Education
FOEFestival de l'Outaouais Émergent (Canadian arts festival)
FOEFamily Owned Enterprise
FOEFriends of Europe
FOEFixed Operating Equipment (infrastructure)
FOEFocus of Expansion (optics)
FOEFirm Order Exception
FOEFriends of Environment (Society; Jordan)
FOEFat Oljeekvivalenter (Norwegian: Barrel of Oil Equivalent)
FOEFamily Over Everything (band)
FOEForeign Object Elimination (Northrop-Grumman and Boeing assembly line usage)
FOEFollow-On Evaluation
FOETopeka, KS, USA - Forbes Field (Airport Code)
FOEForwarding Order Expired
FOEFrequency-Offset Estimator
FOEFact of Employment
FOEForsvarets Etterretningstjeneste (Norwegian military intelligence agency)
FOEFiber Optics Equipment
FOEFollow-On Element
FOEFollow-On Equipment
FOEFinal Operational Evaluation
FOEFriends of Eveleigh
FOEFreakin' Operator Error (polite version)
FOEField/Follow-On Operational Evaluation
FOEAssociation for Friends of Environment in Alexandria (Egypt)
FOEFat Opposite the Ribeye
FOEFleet of Eden (RPG)
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LAST NIGHT: Marc Vivien Foe,before his untimely death on the pitch,congratulates Pius Ndiefi on his goal for Cameroon against Columbia in the Confederations Cup
For more information and an application form contact FOE Cymru at 33 Castle Arcade Balcony, Cardiff CF10 1BY or email juliel@foe.
Foe feared that fanatical fans would stab him to death or gun him down if he refused to play for his country in the African Nations Cup.
Courtney Cuff, the FOE Green Scissors campaign coordinator, says that "working with the enemy" is definitely paying off.
FOE PARENTS AND FRIENDS OF EX-GAYS, who are demanding that "ex-gay" programs have an equal presence in schools alongside supportive services for LGBT youth.
The 25-year veteran athlete out of Evolve MMA punished his Italian foe with his thunderous high kicks which reverberated throughout the 20,000-seater arena, before closing out the match with a killer right straight which floored Lasiri with 2:30 to spare in the second round.
Following this acquisition, Moe now holds 10,000 shares in FOE.
Poyner (2006) understands that "in Foe (1986) Susan Barton resists the patriarchal attempts of the author-figure Foe to misrepresent the story of her shipwreck on a Robinsonian island while simultaneously Barton inadvertently 'colonizes' Friday's story" (15).
Foe, 28, was later pronounced dead after attempts to revive him failed and new St Mirren signing Djemba-Djemba says he will never forget the trauma of that fateful day.
The company added that in a Phase II pilot study, Itraconazole topical suspension was shown to be effective in the treatment of FOE with no adverse events reported.