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FoEAFundacion Oscar Eduardo Alende (Spanish: Oscar Eduardo Alende Foundation; Argentina)
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In recent years FoEA has addressed the issue of racism the most extensively of these groups.
FoEA claim that it is dangerous to oppose immigration-fuelled population growth in order to reduce environmental impact because this argument can be 'adopted by those with racist agendas'.
As Clive Hamilton remarks in response to FoEA's 'Immigration, population and the environment' position paper: 'you say that environmentalists should avoid arguments that might play into the hands of racists.
By not challenging population growth, or, indeed, by being critical of those individuals and groups that do do so, FoEA are sharing a goal with a growth lobby of sectional business interests that is unsympathetic to the health of the Australian environment.
FoEA, however, have been critical of opposition to population growth.
A second theme to emerge, most profoundly in FoEA, is the significance of anti-racism.
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