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The same can be said about the support shown by FoEC to the massive and potentially destructive Atlantic Array development planned for the Bristol Channel.
FoEC will not admit that wind energy can only supplement, not replace our essential baseload electricity supplied by coal, gas and nuclear fuels.
At the FOEC meeting of October, 2007, a council officer said that when the gates to the cemetery would eventually be closed sort of pass system would be put in place to let blue badge holders in.
FoEC also criticises CBI and the TUC, claiming they have used badly flawed arguments in an attempt to justify going nuclear.
'The headline time-saving quoted in the consultation - of two-and-a-half-hours on an otherwise five-hour surface trip - sounds persuasive,' says FoEC.
FoEC claims the proposed air service - using RAF Valley airfield, near Holyhead - would save just 40 minutes on the journey from Rhyl to Cardiff city centre by rail.
When will FoEC learn that society's attitude to Earth - regulated by enforceable laws is what needs renewing?
When will FoEC realise that all their efforts to spin for the Government's Kyoto-led policies will not help to replace nuclear energy, nor will it bring about the hoped-for savings in CO2 emissions.
"These new plans are a massive blow to environmental protection, " said Neil Crumpton of FoEC.
Some say it would be an unacceptable blot on the landscape while FoEC argues that such projects are more sustainable than power stations using coal, gas or nuclear fission.