FOEDFriends of the Economics Department (Howard University; Washington, DC)
FOEDFriends of Environment and Development (Pakistan)
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b - n BONE BUNE (a surname) b - t BOAT BEAUT/BUTTE b - z BOWS/BEAUX(S) BUZE d - d DOUGHED DUDE d - s DOSE DEUCE d - z DOES DUES f - d FOED FEUD f - m FOAM FUME f - z FOES FUSE g - z GOES GUZE h - d HOED/HOAD HEWED h - z HOSE/HOES HEWS k - t COAT/COTE CUTE i - d LOAD LEWD m - t MOAT MUTE m - z MOWS MUSE m - l MOLE MULE n - d NODE NUDE n - t NOTE NEWT n - z NOSE NEWS p - l POLE PULE p - z POSE PEWS s - z SEWS SUES t - n TONE TUNE t - t TOTE TUTE t - z TOES TEWS v - z VOES VIEWS An extension of the above sees 2 short consonantal preceding the embedded vocalic sound: sp - d SPADE SPEWED st - p STOPE STUPE