FOENFederal Office for the Environment (Switzerland)
FOENFriends of the Earth Nigeria (Environmental Rights Action)
FOENFriends of Eastern Neck (US FWS)
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2007, EEA und FOEN 2011), und der dabei gewonnenen Erkenntnisse befurchten wir negative Entwicklungen durch Fracking auf die Landschaft in Deutschland.
The FOEN is currently refining its models, and more precise exposure data will be available for a validation of the results from the next SAPALDIA follow-up assessment currently being conducted (SAPALDIA 3, 2010-2011).
The individual publications within the "annual volume FOEN Print A4" differ only in the number of copies, the color, the type of binding, the grammage of the envelope as well as the publication in one or more languages.
These coverings must accordingly (according to FOEN guideline for the recycling of mineral construction waste) are processed and disposed of.
All data collected by the FOEN, the ASTRA, the cantons and SBB are directly above the StorMe-new web application input (first version).
Invitation to tender : The Biodiversity Monitoring Switzerland (BDM) is the official program of the FOEN for the long-term monitoring of biodiversity in the entire area of ?
Invitation to tender : Reception services in 2016 and 2016 FOEN filing services
LOT 2: advisory mandate for technical advice and support FOEN during the development of the communication which he published in his capacity as executing authority, when considering specific cases point technically mainly related to modifications tions capabilities, and in the development of the trading of emission allowances.
LOT 2: advisory mandate for technical advice and assistance of the FOEN in the development of law enforcement instruction, in the clarification of technical special cases with emphasis capacitance changes, as well as in the development of emission trading system.