FOFRFort Frederica National Monument (US National Park Service)
FOFRFriends of the Fox River (Crystal Lake, IL)
FOFRFlorida Office of Financial Regulation
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Following the conversion, the FOFR will be the primary regulator for the Bank.
6-7) for VNOFR, MOFR and FOFR. To decrease the negative effects of random variations of PN over a cycle of sweep time, the PN curve of each port is measured consecutively for 10 times and the averaged PN results are shown in Table 2.
Moreover, as noted above, the Board has consulted with the FDIC and the FOFR.
What we are looking at now, from a systems point of view, is forced outages, or a mean time between forced outages (MTBFO), and a forced outage failure rate (FOFR).
Jennifer Grommes, head of the FOFR canoe/kayak river cleanup program and a representative of Blue Raven Solar installation, will discuss leasing vs.
In particular, the Board has considered the financial condition of Gulf State and the fact that the Florida Office of Financial Regulation ("FOFR") has placed the bank in FDIC receivership.