FOGMFriends of Gayle Mill (UK)
FOGMFiber-Optic Guided Missile
FOGMFriends of Guys Marsh (UK)
FOGMFriends of the Great Miami (Cincinnati, OH)
FOGMFriends of the Greenbelt Museum (Greenbelt, MD)
FOGMFriends of Guy Mason (Guy Mason Recreation Center; Washington, DC)
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An unexpected event occurred in 1985 that had important implications for FOGM.
Jerry Dooley observed, "It turned out that FOGM was sitting in the wrong place at the wrong time, because he was looking for an example, and there we were, with our estimates showing us way over [budget]" (personal communication, May 3, 2001).
In the United States, this approach was pioneered by the Army's Missile Command (MICOM), at Redstone Arsenal, under the designation FOGM, or Fiber-Optic Guided Missile.