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FOHRFriends of Happy Retreat (Charles Town, WV)
FOHRFriends of Haw Ridge
FOHRFinance, Operations, Human Resources
FOHRFixed Overhead Rate
FOHRFriends of the Holyoke Range (Massachusetts)
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Whereas displaying these photographs on Sylt, Germany's most popular vacation island, creates a spatial connection to the landscape of the dunes, the Wolk's presentation in the museum on Fohr puts them in a context of historical seascapes.
(5) For detailed information about satis as wives or nuns, about chastity-producing power, and about nuns' interpretations of the sat y-narratives as relevant to their own lives as renouncers, see Sherry Fohr, "Gender and Chastity: Female Jain Reouncers" (Ph.D.
Fohr, who went on to add that, if done properly, the course takes about five hours to complete.
``Women and Children Overlooking Heidelberg'' by Carl-Philipp Fohr is a watercolor painted in the early 19th century.
The very first issues of the Informal Logic Newsletter, published in the late 1970s, were the site of a sustained debate concerning whether inductive arguments could be distinguished categorically from deductive arguments and, if so, how (Fohr, 1980a, 1980b; Govier, 1980a; Hitchcock, 1980; Johnson, 1980; Weddle, 1979, 1980).
"To use Bill Clinton's terminology, Will Sutton is an FOHR, a friend of human resources, which has not always been the case in newsrooms," vanRyswyk said.
120) and Philipp Fohr did portrait drawings of him (Schnorr's the kind of superbly severe head-and-shoulders likeness in which the brotherhood excelled), and Carl Friedrich von Rumohr, ever interested in young men, lent him money.